Damian and Clement of dOP fame return to Circus Company with a new project of dubbed out late night madness featuring vocalist Brian Brewster. Far more sinister then dOP’s recent output, 7 Days features 4 tracks which explore am acidic realm of dark ruminations and swamp dredged rhythms.

“Introduction” Aquarius starts things off with a Basic Channel-esque wash of chords, noise and spoken word sure to appeal to fans of Berlin’s longstanding dub techno tradition. “So Low” comes off like a chopped and screwed take on Italo heard only through the mixer’s effect sends, where modulating analog sequences and a thundering motorik back beat desperately swim to the surface of a blackened ocean gasping for air. “Before U Go” lightens the proceedings ever so slightly, upping the tempo and allowing the undulating synths lines to sparkle in the periphery, while the incessant vocal encourages all self-respecting punters to stay on the floor until the last track has passed !
its final groove. Finally “Universe” comes off like a lost out take from Kool Keith’s Dr Octagon project with it’s classic jacking electro beat and sultry effected vocals.

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Aquarius Heaven
7 Days

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Artwork by
Kieran Behan, Eva Keane & Bene

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