Of course you might have heard of that talented producer, formerly homebased in Köln…if you don’t, now you’ll never forget him! After some wonderful and massive releases on his own label Hartchef Discos, Trapez and Perlon Audio Werner is putting out his long expected EP on Circus Company:”If that record would be a bottle of wine it would definitely be a “Grand Cru Classé”…” (Jean Paul Belmondo)Which means nothing less that Audio Werner brings the traditional bouncy house flavor into to the “sound of today” – De la house avec de la classe…Before checking out A side “Flatfunk”please fasten your seat belt. You are about to get into an 11 minutes fly into a detroit house inspired track which is deep, melodical and “flatly” funked up in his tiny temporary Berlin studio during the hunt for an appartment.Flipside starts with the hypnotic and loopy track “Dba” variating the rhythm with acoustic percussion elements, acoustic “audi” hand claps and ride cymbals… What a pleasure when you arrive at the climax of the track and suddenly the deep chords are joining! Play it loud !!!B2 “Moved” is the moody side of Audio Werner. So delicious… Imagine Art Blakey on the drums jamming with Roy Ayers on his xylophone. It’s the deep night, in a small jazz club of Paris. The two dudes are really into it… and you can feel it!But in fact it’s only one guy and his name is Audio Werner.

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Audio Werner
Flatfunk EP

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Artwork by
Tom & Léo

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