After a refreshing track released on CC005, Mossa comes back with a delicious solo EP. But not a delight on a sofa this time; as a dancefla’monsta’ he controls your jerked body shakes.
After djing since 1999, Jeremy Petrus ventured into producing, combining his many styles to create a body of work which is at times minimalist, amusing,
and rarely symmetrical. He’s also the founder and manager of one of the most promising Montreal- based label of the moment : Complot Records. We wish you a nice trip in Mossa’s world, either strange and freaky, or humoristic, like these cartoon digression in « thousand cranes », but always heavy groovin’. This minimal techno track makes you evoluate in a weird atmosphere, where man machines converse with young naïve melodies with a crazy circus touch like. « Down home funk » brings us in a soulfull minimal house, broken clicks and tasty voice for a warm groovin’ track. At the end of each side, Mossa like a showman gives us elements of his familiar universe ; thanx picolinio !
We attack the other side with an imparable dancefloor hit, jumping, excited, rebounding, but always in his happy funny style. Your body makes his own life?… A small plaisir for the dessert, try « brazil’99 » to keep in mind how fine were these magic moments of the last summer; Sun is rising, parties on the sand ; & always this (small) crazy shifted touch that we love so much : euh…yes , drunk moments, i remember now ; It’s funky, it’s fresh. Caliente !

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Your Loosing My Mind

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