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Borrowed Identity is a 23 year old DJ and producer born and based in south Germany.

With roots in Romania but living in Germany, Borrowed Identity’s name says a lot about his life. His musical upbringing was a melange of ethnic music from friends, weird stuff from local libraries and whatever else he could find in record stores and on the internet, explaining the fact he makes anything from classical to ambient, house to techno, experimental to electro, hiphop to pop music.

Inspired by DJs and producers from Larry Levan to DJ Harvey, Moodymann to Larry Heard, Robert Hood to Basic Channel, this man has so far released already on labels like Mistress Recordings, Quintessentials, Home Taping and the Berghain imprint Ostgut Ton. His music is deep and cultured, awash with real musicality and true sampled soul and is perfectly at home in the record bags of those who have supported it so far including Mike Hucakby and Move D, Laurent Garnier, Delano Smith, Detroit Swindle and many more tastemakers.

Most recently the man has also released on DVS1′s Mistress Recordings, turning the heads of a whole new raft of fans, as well as sitting pretty in the top 10 of RA’s most charted tracks. Never one too concerned with genres and instead focussed on making music with real heart and soul, Borrowed Identity oozes passion for music of all varieties and that really shows in his considered releases and DJ sets.

“When I’m DJing I want my sound to be ever adaptable,” says the man himself, “like the skin of a chameleon, which changes colour and intensity as and when it needs to best blend in with its setting.”

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