We are prowd to present you a brand new artist on Circus Company. Dave Aju rocks as hell. He’s music is crunchy, heavy, loud and groovy. San
Francisco’s in tha house!!!
The anomaly known as Dave Aju appeared on the dj scene in 1995. Disgruntled with industry standards, he set out on the long-term mission to “rescue dance music from the blahs.” In his hometown of San Francisco, Dave Aju infiltrates various genre-strict circles and exposes unsuspecting heads to his sound with results varying from frustration to salivation. Sometimes minimal, sometimes vegetarian, his music is equally concerned with head scratching and ass shaking. He has recently joined forces with Circus Company in Paris to unleash some of his production madness onto dancefloors around the world.
Currently spinned around by the whole minimal house scene, from dan Bell to Ricardo Villalobos. This ep is his first solo ep ep release and for sure not the last one …

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Dave Aju
The Unorthodoctor EP

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