Dop is is brand new combo from Paris formed by 3 talented musicans. Clement Zemtsov is programing the beats, Damien Van de Sande is playing keyboards and horns at last but not least, Jonathan Illel is warmly laying the lyrics. After having produced hip-hop instrumental for a few years they got into house music. One year and a half later they come up with “Between The Blues ep”, a brilliant second EP after a first release on Milnormodern records in september 2007. That 3 tracker is rich and full of great ideas. “Allo Boom Boom” ist he main dancefloor track of the record. Here it’s all about subtility, percussiv groove and saxophone accent for your mind. That track al ready got full support from many talented artist like Pépé Bradock, Zip, Samim. You wont escape from it in next months. On the B side, “Dopamen” result of a little freestyle session with Nôze. They are studio neighbors since a year.and sometime collaborate on each others projects. The last track is taking us to an unexpected musical adventure “The Between Blues” is a slow beat track with vocals from Johnatan Illel. After listening to the the other tracks of the record you’ll might be surprise by this song. After this you can only admit that these guys got some strong skills. They can make anything and it’s just the begining.

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Between The Blues

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Artwork by
Tom & Léo

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