dOP, the group of wandering minstrels that embody the very essence of Circus Company, have returned home with new tales to impart from their travels away. Indeed the insatiable touring appetite of this trio of mariachis finds them often afar at sea, spreading their message and encountering strangers in strange lands.

As such, the first side of this new EP bears the fruit of a sizzling barbeque and a raucous karaoke session held in the distant shores of San Francisco, home to a talented gang of artists known as Pillow Talk. Consumating their initial meeting in a studio back in Berlin, the synth-pop meets deep house of “Your Feellin” marks a move into new ground for both groups.

But of course the way of the traveller is not always grilled meat and bad cover versions. There are times when even the hardiest of messengers will feel the need to reflect on their situation. Written in the lull after coming off the road for a break, “Kisses” sees dOP contemplating the world they live in, through both musically and lyrically.

Once again Damien, Clement and Jaw have confounded our expectations with ideas and imagination that can only come from the well-travelled of this world. With a sound that is ever-broadening, both as dOP and with their additional ventures as Aquarius Heaven and Les Fils Du Calvaire, we can only begin to imagine how their next tale will unfold.

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Cat No.
12'' + Digital
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Artwork by
Mila Butler

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