Here comes the volume 2 !!! Fifteen numbers later The Island of Lost Children various artists project finaly strikes back. The first track of the A side is Soulshine produced by Berlin based Greek artist Kostas Tassopoulos aka Ekkohaus. He deliveres a house rollercoster which keep starting and stoping. The groove is massive and the melodical gimmick ultra bewitching. Serious attitude sourrounded by a slight of freakness.. All we love, right ! That one will be played a lot. Not be Televised is the second track of the side. That one is produced by Paris most excited new comer : Yakine. Dubby athmosphere with solid rythm which keep on running for 6 minutes and 15 seconds. You will soon here some more music from the man on Circus Company. Keep your eyes/ears open… The full B side is for the talented Herb LF and his track Thirtyfive. Maybe youʼve heard some of his music on Farside records. Herb LF is also part of the project called Westpark Unit alongside Ingo Sänger. This track is the prefect exemple of what should be a powerfull track of House music. A sip of funk, strong bassline and a few slice of vocals spread like parmigiano reggiano. A table !!!

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Ekkohaus / Yakine / Herb LF
The Island Of Lost Children Vol.2

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Artwork by
Tom & Léo

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