Guillaume & The Coutu Dumont is quickly becoming seen as a prolific force in the electronic music scene. A strong defender of house music, he produces in collaborations as Chic Miniature, Luci or Egg, and on labels like Mutek_rec, Musique Risquée, Hartchef Discos, Floppy Funk and OSLO; and now with Petit Djinns, his first EP for Circus Company. Guillaume’s initial musical forays as a funk band percussionist and student of latin and classical percussion is shown in his music. On the A-side, “Sous L’Arbe” is a deep, powerful track for your mind and butt, mixing his ability to boogie with mad electroacoustic composition skills. As a fat bassline worms it’s way into the track and the horns erupt, it’s pure dancefloor bliss! On B1, “Yone” has an Ethiopian jazz feel which ties in with his time spent in a jazz ensemble touring through Senegal. With dope acoustic samples and a mystical vibe, it’s a straight house music jam from faraway lands. B2 closes the EP with “Chilly Willy” which brings out his swing, gospel and Moodymann-style house influences. It starts with a beautiful atmosphere, chopped-up choir voices, and a sweet 3/4 swing, until, boom, halfway through the track, a fat 4/4 break and horn stabs bring us to a funk groove guaranteed to make you smile.

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Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts
Petits Djinns

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Tom & Léo

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