Le K aka Sylvain Garcia is from Perpignanin south of france. Hurluberlu is his first solo release, and Le K is a name guaranteed to be heard in the near future! This 4 tracker release keeps the floor pressure in a more noisy direction than usually on Circus Company. Here you’ll get a mixed blend of everything funky and raw. A1 “Elefonk” is groovy and nervous, brings the funk in the techno dimension, with its mighty electro-brass band, smooth basslines and catchy rythm. In the A2 “Please mum”, Le K gives us a furious lesson of dancefloor with this freaky twisted punk-funk techhouse track, using a assortment of truncated vocal samples, glitchy space groove synthlines, and heavy basslines. Becareful, psychedelic rise at 3:20 ! B-side follows this freaky groove line, “Westernoïd” made-up the madbreakroboticsalsahouse, spliced up guitars, disturbed electronic basslines and crazy organ on an indomitable housy drum sequence. Finally, comes “Halfmingus”, an heavy piece of 4/4 beat, space flight with glitch pianos, ghostly melodic sounds and heady synths. So what? Quirkfunky house rock? Twistedfunkhouse? Maximicrofunktech? Freaky and French for sure! Make sure you check out his amazing live set as soon as he’ll be playing around your hometown.

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Le K

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Tom & Léo

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