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Moniker came into being in 2007, a collaboration between Kenneth Scott and Emilio Orlandi. A conversation about  gear while soaking up San Francisco’s late night techno sounds brought them together in the studio, leading to incessant knob twiddling and all night jams.

They both come from different and varied musical backgrounds. Emilio is a San Francisco Bay Area native, active in the underground house/techno scene for over ten years, Kenneth grew up in Iowa listening to IDM and Chicago House. They strike a balance in their collaborations, Kenneth’s digital tangents being tempered by EO’s chunky analog foundations.

While continuing their individual pursuits (Emilio opening and running SF’s 222 Hyde Club and collaborating with Jonah Sharp as Polk & Hyde, and Kenneth relocating to Berlin and keeping busy with solo work), the two keep Moniker a high priority despite the geographical distance between them.

Their DJ sets are sweaty jacking affairs, psychedelicly fun, intellectual and dirty. Expect the same from their gear heavy live sets.

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