Circus Company the leading label for sick clicky parisian freestyle electro are now distributed worldwide exclusively through wordandsound. dirty, crazy, groovy with no wrong respect – integrating freejazz, p-funk, punkrock, techno and house with their music Circus Company are easily one of the leaders of the ultra fresh parisian dancefloor avantgarde. First in this new Coop between Was and CC is by their good old fellow Mossa and already one of the best and most floor friendly releases to date. As a Teaser to his upcoming debut album “some eat it raw” Montreal based Mossa introduces a highly versatile 4 tracker combining the best of his trademark style: an eclectic minimal mix of rhythm and kick, plastic and static, amusing and rarely symmetrical all at the same time. and what can you do these days to make a perfect package unforgettable? hand it over to john tejada (and justin maxwell) and let him give it the “midas” touch , hehe… and that again happened here – illing, thrilling, rocking nonstopping – dont worry john you could do 20 records a month even. we would still be investing!! top tip of the week!!

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Black Bananas

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Artwork by
Peanut Butler

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