With 3 MY MY ep’s and a forthcoming album for Playhouse already finished, and their monthly night MY MY and Friends at Watergate up and running, Lee Jones, Nicolas Höppner and Carsten Klemann are on a hot streak and continue so with this vibrating 4 tracker packed with crazy bouncing, stumbling cut-up beats and bubbly sounds sometimes reminding of the friendly-chaotic, free-spirited atmosphere in a anti-authorian kindergarten ( “invitation only” ) contrasted by the more introverted “bonus jack” with rhodes chords and flute licks hazily billowing between the stepping beats ( “bonus jack” ). “lifetime trick” and “katzensprung” both feature contagiously swinging sheets of beats with crazy sound pads hoping in and out taking the legacy of legendary eccentric sound innovators a la Thelonious Monk and their off-kilter humor onto electronic floors.

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My My
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