This record is the first of a serie from Nôze, Organizing an “avant garde meeting” , beyond the concepts already in place….forget about nu-jazz, trip-hop, house, or techno. From the most dancefloor song (Canicule) passing by click and bleep style (Outamimonclic) to a very melancolic ballade (Newlyn), Nôze are showing a new sight of jazz through electronic music. Are Nôze the ultimate ” Electrofree ” fusion? Who are Nôze ?
Nôze arose from the meeting of two musicians stemming from rather different universe : Nicolas Sfintescu’s electronic scene aka freak, co-creator of the label Circus Company. Ezechiel Pailhès, part of the improvised music scene who deserted a long time ago the conservatoires where he learnt the piano in order to discover more experimental landscapes (soundtracks, electronic music…).
Searching for a certain freedom in the shape, refusing established orders, giving a Soul to Electronics, are the common basis of two ideals confronting on a record. A record which gives another idea of what electronic music can bring to improvised music. And mutually. A record where are confrontating the acoustics of instruments (piano, prepared piano *, clarinet, saxophone…) – and the synthetic of data processing. That is to say the unpredictable vitality of the one confronted with the clockwork regularity of the other one.
The objective does not aim at technical perfection where everything is clearly expressed, it plays with the suggestion, the unspoken, the imagination. Mixing two ultra specialized publics eager for new sounds… The ” Electrofree ” fusion?

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Francine Holley

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