Our home artists are back on the label after a successfull album released on Get Phisycal Music last summer. For this new output on Circus Company the two .hat brothers’ delivers a unik two tracker based on that .recette’ they got the secret from… First of all .Encore’, the A side, is a dj friendly oriented track that will reminds you one of the early Nôze output on Circus Company called Pofamika which was released in 2005. The track is basicly composed by a strong bass line that keeps rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ and rollin’ over a solid beat and a few significative .nôzy’ pads. All these elements are surrounded by a beautifull girl voice which quietly tells you what to do to relax. sexy french voice !!! You wish you could see her charming face between the grooves of the record… On B side, here is the message : .Meet me in the Toilet’ ! What’s Inside… Well sounds like a quite nice groovy party. Here comes the Nôze with their horn .horny’ sexion and chior duet.

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Meet Me In The Toilet

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