Listen to dancefloor side of Nôze. A brand new ep from Nicolas Sfintescu and Ezechiel Pailhès. We decided to release this 3 dancefloor tracks ep beside their
first album Craft sounds and voices. On A side we start with feeling that, bumping bleepy track with voices accent and catchy gimmicks. A pleasure to play, this is some heavy material! Turn on the records and now listen to you don’t a superb unexpectable song with chorus and refrain. It’s a kind of electronic P Funk cut with something else… Keep an ear on the lyrics and shake it:
« You don’t want me to say that i love you …now »
« You don’t want me to say that i hate you… but »
Pofamika was made with a flamenco dancer. You can here castagnet’s answering to the MS20. Nôze keep on collaborating To resume this ep… Imagine Mr Oizo taking ecstasy with George Clinton in an after hours…

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Pofamika EP

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