Having released leftfield dance tracks as Skat on labels like Karat or Sthlmaudio, his records on Circus Company established Oleg Poliakov as an internationally renowned House producer. Continuing this string of releases, the “Comet EP” introduces another view on his musical approach. With “Stellar”, Oleg tightens his grooves to a maximum. Creating an irresistible energy, the beats create an ideal stage for a reverent fanfare and a sexy voice only admitting: “Shit baby, you got me mesmerized.” With a contemporary and personal musical language, he matches the sublimity and dignity of the first House tracks of the mid-eighties. The title track “Comet” is conveyed by a deep bassline that puts one into a deep trance. But Oleg doesn´t let the crowd drift away: The whirl of a snare drum and the anthem-like saxophone hold the dancers firmly on the dance floor. “Exoplanet” is one of these very special tracks that defy all stylistic boundaries. The furious beats astonish even longtime Broken Beats aficionados. The frenzy of the grooves is absorbed by the grace of detached Detroit sounds.
Grown up in Rouen, France, Oleg Poliakov looks back on a lifelong exploration of electronic music and sounds. Having worked at radio stations, he developed a sensibility for unusual, unique tones. His sonic library disclaims the stereotypical House sounds which one has listened to much too often. Developing a sonic language of his own, Oleg´s music is seductively beautiful and deeply mesmerizing.  Another thing that makes his musical experience special is his former occupation as a HipHop producer. Having worked as a beat maker for a couple of France rap groups, he investigated the languages of rhythm profoundly.  On the “Comet EP”, all these influences are not directly obvious to the listener, yet they enabled Oleg Poliakov to create such singular House tracks.

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Oleg Poliakov
Comet EP

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Artwork by
Andy Gilmore

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