Paris house music scene in The Guardian

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Tony Naylor (The Guardian) gives his feeling about the Paris house scene:

Has house music met its Paris match?

The French capital has produced an array of eccentric talent that is coming at the dancefloor at a tangent. Far be it from the Guardian Music blog to succumb to hype, much less reinforce lazy national stereotypes, but, undeniably, something is stirring in Paris. Something which, after the brash, filtered robo-house of Daft Punk and the juggernaut electro of Justice, is bringing a certain Gallic sophistication, a certain restraint and eccentricity, to French club music.

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dOP in Mumbai, India

Warming up during dOP soundcheck in Bombay…

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Resident Advisor : Circus Company artists in Top Live Acts of 2010

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dOP and Nicolas Jaar makes it to RA Poll top live acts of 2010 :
03. dOP Everybody loves an oddball, and dOP have three of them. The French trio once again terrorized clubland in 2010, turning the idea of electronic music live performance on its head by acting like the rock stars they so clearly want to be. The group lives by the simple credo that the mixer should always be in the red, and that you should never play sober. And with Jonathan Illel as ringmaster/court jester, that means that you never know exactly what you’re going to get when dOP comes to town.
02. Nicolas Jaar It must be easy to be Nicolas Jaar’s press agent. Chilean-American, Ivy league student, fan of old-fashioned mics, etc. But with a creative vision as fresh as his, he hardly needs these talking points. In less than two years of releases, Jaar has cultivated a sound that’s startlingly original, as well as a dynamic live act that’s landed him in clubs around the globe. And all this while juggling a full course load, which is basically like driving with the emergency break on. With so much credit to his name already, it’s easy to forget that he’s just getting started.
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dOP – Greatest Hits – Album out now !!!


The first album is now out. Three EP’s will follow including remixes from Herbert, Seuil, DJ Koze and Âme.

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Nôze Band : A new live project

Nôze present it’s new band set at Bologna’s Teatro Municipale in Italy during the 2010 edition of Robot Festival.

This special formation features Ezechiel Pailhes on the piano, Nicolas Sfintescu on machines and vocals, Matthias Mahler on trombone, Thibaut Frisoni on guitar and Emiliano Turi on drums.

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