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USA / Detroit

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Ryan Crosson crafts techno and house tied to the historical precedent set in his native city of Detroit by classic artists such as Kevin Saunderson, Richie Hawtin, and Moodymann. Still, Crosson owes just as much to the constant exchange beween Detroit and Germany, equally taking his cues from artists like Pantytec, Ricardo Villalobos, and Thomas Brinkmann, to shape his own musical output.

Situated loosely between these two organizing poles, as are many of his American peers currently living in Berlin, Crosson stands out from most of his fellow producers in two key respects:  delivering a fetishistic attention to programming and sound design, and embodying a ceaseless energy that carries itself from the studio directly into his live set and DJ performances.

Ryan Crosson consistently chooses to steer away from the predictable circuit of so-called “underground” club hits, instead favoring a process of constant renewal and return both to early influential material and to emerging sounds that depart from hegemonic trends.  Likewise, Crosson’s production and sampling practices consistently depart from the world of electronic music by accessing histories of sound linked to militant black jazz, proto-disco, fusion, and west african indigenous music.

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