Stephen Beaupré
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Montreal / Canada

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More than 10 years of active participation on the Montreal scene has converted Stephen Beaupré into an uncontestable dj/artist in the world of Canadian music. Attracting attention with his Crackhaus project, for which he collaborates with his friend and fellow artist Deadbeat, Steve has managed to gain recognition as a solo artist with his EP Dirty Lipreading on the upstart Montreal label Musique Risquée, launched by Akufen and Vincent Lemieux. 2006 brought the release of his first solo album, the masterful Foe Destroyer, released on both Musique Risquée and MUTEK_REC.

His particular approach to music manifests itself in decomposed and syncopated rhythms, which he develops with an incredible spontaneity. Animated ambiances based upon abstract and organic textures abound in his productions, where an equal measure of house and techno interplay with elements of funk, guided by a strong artistic sensitivity. Diverse vocals and instrumentation, reworked with humor, intermingle with intense beats, delivering both a relaxed and agitated tone to his pieces.

Cutting his teeth as an adolescent promoter for electronic music events in Ottawa, Stephen became quickly seduced by the more substantial rhythms and textures of house and techno that was striving to be deeper, funkier and more engaging. He began djing at 18, always with a mind for the dancefloor, always trying to stay close to the crowd. With a love for gritty punchy music, at once technological and organic, Stephen skillfully mixes dancefloor rocking tracks always trying to create an atmosphere of humor, excitement and malaise.

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