A1. 1 rue de la rush – Ark
Ark released several EP’s and LP’s under the names of Ark, Unknown Mysterioso,: Trankilou (with Bradock),: Shalark (with Shalom) or: Oizark (with Mr Oizo). His very inspired new “1 rue de la rush” is a heavyness mix for crazy dancefloors. The track starts with a dark ambiance immediatly energised and enforced by a powerfull rough beat. 1 rue de la rush appears like one of Ark’s masterpiece.
A2. Gaia – Freak
Freak seems to become pro of it, on his new track, he once again mix with his unique style electronic beats and jazz. He made of course beats, bass and arrangements, but he also invited three musicians to build the song : Guillaume Berroyer (guitarsynth), Alexandre Authelain (free jazz saxophonist), Ezechiel Pailhes (synthetiser). Gaia signs the appearance of a new & crazy interpretation of free jazz in electronic music, surely not the last one…
B1. Perlimpimpin – kean
If you want it (minimalism), you got it. First he attacks with his cracking rythmic elements mixed with mecanical sounds, second he kills the floor heavy beat. With his strong bass line, he gets into the pureness of techno basements. Third Perlimpimin exploration, last but not least…
B2. Scum – Peanux
His second release on Circus Company. It’s a very minimal track. Between german beats and Herbert’s grooves, Peanux shows us one more time how to make your body move on so few elements.

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