A1-S.I.FUTURES « Move your body »
S.I. FUTURES aka SI Begg’s track mixing some 80s taste with some definitivly modern ones, ending with this very particular sound that he is known for. It’s a dancefloor track
A2-SETY « Vertex »
Minimal dance floor track composed with scribbled sounds and a rhythmic melody. The wild circus, without any complexes.
B1-NOZE « C. »
Freak and Ezechiel have set and match different audio environments in this track. « Lith your cigar, sit back, relax » is said in the song by a man on stage, folowed by a heavy slow tekno beat . In between pronounced synthetic and accoustical warmth, this track is perfect for dance floor
B2-KEAN « Pivert »
Mixes of synthetic sounds and accents of accoustic. It keeps unfolding through different grooves always in a dancing way, folowed by a fat tek house rhythm.

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Various Artists
Circus Company 004

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